dressed up like a lady: Cold feet. Or rather, warm feet.

Jan 10, 2014

Cold feet. Or rather, warm feet.

How played out is it at this point to bitch about the ridiculous cold? Very? Oh well! Add me to your shit list, I guess, cause this is what I've got! ;)

What's funny is I really don't hate the cold -- I kind of love living in a place that's sub-zero in the winter and then muggy and sweltering in the summer. But the Arctic temperatures aren't that great for creative dressing, especially when it comes to footwear. If it's cold where you live, do tell how you've been getting by!


  1. B and I have been wearing our snowboots pretty much everywhere. I have some sneakers at the lab and clogs at the office, so it's just an ongoing rotation.

    1. That's been my strategy as well. Those little brown shoes in the bottom picture are my office shoes -- which look a little silly when I wore big, winter socks to work that day. ;)

  2. Call me crazy but I am kind of loving the big scrunchy socks with the narrow shoes! Is this a trend that I missed (since I miss most of them lol) or are you inventing one??

    1. Heh, no, it's not a trend that I know of. But if this weird looking idea catches on, I expect full credit. ;)

  3. Way to stay warm (and chic)!
    Happy weekend, darling!


    1. Thanks, Carrie! I'm trying, even if it's in vain! ;)

  4. Do you have a favorite type of Sorels? I'm looking into getting a pair and I like them all style-wise, but also need them to be warm/waterproof since I work outdoors a couple of days a week. Thanks and stay warm!!

    1. Hey Sammie! Okay, full disclosure: I didn't pay retail for any of my Sorels, so I can't speak to their dollar value honestly. I got one on Ebay, one from a consignment shop, and one from the thrift store. But I do love all of them, so I can at least tell you what's good about each pair!

      Here is more information than you most likely require:

      The Joan of Arctic Premium:
      These are just a taller and slightly more design-conscious version of the classic Caribou (http://www.sorel.com/womens-caribou-wool-NL2032.html) They're very tough and very heavy. The insulation in them is THICK -- there's at least a half an inch of material between your foot/leg and the outside world, and they weigh at least a pound or two. The boot shaft is stiff, creating an armor like feeling. Basically, you can wear these on a subzero day or walking through actual snowbanks and stay warm and dry. But having something that huge, heavy, and inflexible on your feet can be cumbersome if you're not outside.

      The Bear
      I have a pair of these that are a few years old, and they're actually men's boots. However, this is a style that they used to make identical for both genders, but today they only make this one for men. These days, there's a different women's equivalent, the Glacier (http://www.sorel.com/womens-glacier-boot-NL1042.html) but the foot shape is different -- much more big and rounded and bulbous. Anyway, they have the same crazy warm inner liner as the Joan of Arctic and they're quite waterproof. They're more soft and pliable though, since the boot upper is textile instead of leather. This also makes them slightly lighter. But I'm not AS crazy about the feeling of the boot shaft being so comparatively soft when I'm dealing with deep snow. Still really like them though, and some might prefer that more pliable feeling.

      The Conquest Carly
      These are winter boots, but NOT snow boots. They don't have those heavy duty liners, they have their own less hardcore insulation which is thinner and commiserately less invincible. But of course, that also means they don't *look* as bulky either, so while they're obviously not fashion boots, they're certainly more fashion conscious than the Bear or the JoA. If it's above 40 degrees out and your feet will start sweating if you wear the kind of boots listed above, or if you don't have to worry about walking through actual snow, just wet, slushy, or icy streets and sidewalks, these are extremely useful.

      Good luck!

    2. Hey Cammila! Thanks SO much for your fantastic and thoughtful reviews. It means a lot! I think I'm going to try to hunt down a pair of the Joan of Arctic... hopefully for less than full retail as I try not to pay full retail for anything, haha. But for working outdoors and even hiking, they sound perfect. And at least down here in Ohio, it seems like winter and the frigid temps are NOT leaving any time soon.

      Thanks again!!


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