dressed up like a lady: Source Material

May 27, 2014

Source Material

Faux open weave sweater: no-name, Thrifted
70's vintage full skirt: ArtelleGallery
Super cheap purple/sparkle booties: Michael Antonio
Sunnies: Thrifted
Earrings: Belonged to MC's grandmother 

Do you ever start out vaguely inspired by some random image you saw in a Vogue or on Pinterest or something, but by the end, you basically just end up unabashedly ripping it off?

I figured this was a perfect outfit for this fluid cotton sweater, which drapes in a way that makes it look like it has an open weave, except it actually doesn't. It's totally opaque! It just clings so perfectly, the shadows it creates mimic the effect of translucent fabric. But if you hold one layer of the garment up in front of something, like an eye test or a white balance card, even with bright lights on it, you can't see through the sweater at all. I'd like to give props to whoever made it but the tag is missing!


  1. When I first looked at the shoes, I was like "Is Cammila wearing tin foil socks?" Haha That sweater is indeed dreamy :).

    1. There was a fashion show at the fest I told you about (that JD McPherson was playing at), and one of the models was wearing your shoes in a different color!

  2. I prefer your look to the "real thing." Them models are bony.


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