dressed up like a lady: She's as sweet as Tupelo Honey

May 22, 2014

She's as sweet as Tupelo Honey

Cammila and I were lingering over coffee the other day, and I wanted to capture the feeling on camera. The spring air first warming up with the early sun, the intimacy of the morning, the sprawling sense of possibilities you get waking up with someone you love. I hope I got some of that in these pictures.


We've been listening to a lot of  Van Morrison lately; something about the warm weather and longer days seems to fit with his soulful, poetic vibe. This live 1980 performance of “Tupelo Honey,” is one of my favorites, and not simply because of the "angel of the first degree" it reminds me of. 



  1. 'Tis a very true thing that mornings are different to all other times of the day. Good job portraying that in the photos. Quite intimate.


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