dressed up like a lady: Happy Father's Day

Jun 16, 2014

Happy Father's Day

The upside of your parents being musicians: Gbear learns to start with middle C on the recorder.

Being a daddy to a little girl means so many things. Like nurturing her natural abilities while subtly nudging her forward on the things that come less easily to her. Like playing dolls or Candy Land or Super Heroes or tea party with her. Like giving her a sense of containment through calm, firm structures and rules that make her feel like her world is a safe, contained place (even if her conscious, kid brain wants candy for breakfast and infinite TV time). Like always cuddling and hugging and snuggling her, even if she's still in the phase where she's all female-centric and clinging to my hips like a baby monkey. Like being firm when he has to but never losing his temper and never, ever yelling. Like wrestling in the grass and spinning her around and acquiescing to her request for just ONE MORE round of sneak-attack tickle monster before bed. Like making a habit out of overcoming his own busyness or tiredness to take her outside to ride her bike or draw on the sidewalk or something, because he knows it's always worth it.

I'm sure MC would say that Gbear makes this easy. She has a sweet, upbeat disposition. She never has a bad attitude about picking up her toys or brushing her teeth or doing her homework or laying down for a story. She's loving and affectionate and lights up so many times every single day when her daddy says "Good for you," or "I'm proud of you," or "You're my little gummy bear," or of course, "I love you."

But that's just part of it. Would Gbear be such a delight if she didn't have such a wonderful daddy making the choices that give her a happy, healthy home? I doubt it. MC is more than a good dad, he was born to be a father and it's my privilege to be a partner to that.

Happy Father's Day, MC. And happy Father's Day to all dads out there. Thanks for everything you do for your girls and boys both big and small.


  1. This almost made me cry! Thanks for sharing this it was very touching.

  2. The bond between this father and daughter is great. It's also great that you appreciate it.:-)


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