dressed up like a lady: Plaid Skirt

Jun 10, 2014

Plaid Skirt

Moto jacket: Thrifted for me by MC
Plaid skirt and crop top: Asos
Boots: Docs
Over the knee socks: Gifted by my friend Tara
Lennon style sunglasses: Giant Vintage

I have to admit that when it comes to women in plaid skirts, I've always been mostly drawn to sassy ones who appropriate the look with a sly, clever sense of sexiness and a irony. Capturing that vibe in this shoot was easy; what was hard was coping with the constantly changing light. The first few times the sun disappeared or reappeared, I tried rapidly changing the shutter speed and f-stop, but it was hard to get them right before the conditions changed again. Eventually, I tried just playing with the exposure compensation, which offered a less exacting but kind of interesting looking solution. -MC


  1. I love the knee highs with the combat boots; I'm totally going to copy it.

  2. There you go again! Making me nostalgic for the 90s! ;)


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