dressed up like a lady: In the sun

Jul 14, 2014

In the sun

At this point, I don't even get that self conscious when MC whips out the camera. He does it constantly, relentlessly -- no moment is safe. And honestly, I can trust that the crazy techniques that inspire him (like using a speedlight even when it's bright and sunny out) often do look really cool. Even if I'm on the front porch getting lemon juice in my eyes and flipping through a thriftstore fashion book that devotes an entire chapter to pocket squares (?).

By the way, the book is 1994's "Quickstyle," a "guide to accessories" by Christine Kunzelman. I can't even tell you how many 70's-90's lifestyle books I've collected via the 10/1$ bin at the Goodwill. These books really capture a snapshot of their moment in a unique and endlessly entertaining way. I guess that makes sense, since fashion books are meant to be super timely. Kunzelman is a cool author though, you can almost hear her Cyndi Lauper-esque nasally accent in her prose. And this book is kind of awesome to look at, if for no other reason than the fact that it features stylized pencil illustrations by Jackie Doyle instead of photographs. I'll scan some examples for you guys, you should see this stuff. It's gorgeous.

I love using the flash to not just fill in the shadows left by harsh, directional sunlight, but to also go a step further, to where the subject becomes a bit stylized. Cammila has an amazing quality to her skin and body when it comes to light. Her skin reflects/refracts the light perfectly, so she becomes the source of illumination in the photo. It's fitting because she's also the point of illumination in real life.  -MC


  1. Gorgeous, darling!
    Love the bikini!


  2. You are quite sexay when you're all dressed down! ;-)

    Anyhow! I just got back! What did I miss that made A (or someone else) post that disclaimer and the spongebob thing?? Or was it someone else in her lab group? I know she gave out the cuz they are all your fans but I missed whatever happened.

    1. Oh, it wasn't that big. There was an email thread from the lab group wondering if a post one of them had made was a little too snarky and I just replied to say yeah, it sorta was, so A posted a little mea culpa about it. Though her disclaimer sort of implies that I don't post anything there at all, and that's not true either! :)


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