dressed up like a lady: Tokyo Pop

Jul 23, 2014

Tokyo Pop

We watched a delightful movie from 1988 called Tokyo Pop. It's got the exuberance of classic music films like Light of Day and The Commitments, with the languid, indie style of a Jim Jarmusch movie. It's about a New York singer (Carrie Hamilton) who heads to Tokyo and gets involved with a Japanese rock and roller (Yutaka Tadokoro). Amid the cinematic silliness, it beautifully captures some of that intimate, special experience of making music with somebody you're in love with. Needless to say, MC and I loved it. 

Oh, and it's easy to watch because the whole movie is on Youtube:

Also: you might recognize Yutaka Tadokoro as the "Suntory Time" commercial director from Lost in TranslationTrust me, if you watch Tokyo Pop you'll see how influential this movie was on Sofia Coppola. 


  1. This girl reminds me a lot of you with your platinum look!!!

    I am back from Grant Land and ready to join the living again!! I am glad to see you returned to posting to that account again yourself. (You did rite???) We lab rats like venting about it because we are your fans but in the end you have more deep loss to express.

    1. Heh, I take that as a compliment. She's Carole Burnett's daughter!

      Congrats on another proposal in the bank. Did you guys come in under deadline?

  2. I don't know this movie... I love the haircut of the girl!!! <3


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