dressed up like a lady: Least Scandalous Lingerie Post Ever

Aug 21, 2014

Least Scandalous Lingerie Post Ever

Okay so, here's a fun fact: when it came to wedding lingerie, I had the lady who made my wedding gown make me this long, old school, white chemise, like some shit from The Tudors.

Obviously there are lots of wild and sexy lingerie options for your honeymoon, but the thing is, I already HAD boatloads of crazy lingerie. I'm fine with announcing this fact because I'm sure it's not surprising, and because it's a dumb thing to be embarrassed about. Who doesn't like to feel pretty and sexy? It's fun stuff to strut around in, and it's a bonus if the garment acts like giftwrap for sexytime. So yeah,  as a grown woman, by this time I already had corsets, teddies, maxi-length sheer nightgowns, Butterfied 8 style vintage slips, matching undies and and garter belts. 

But one thing I definitely did not have was a fucking long ass medieval looking nightgown. 

And of course, it's still way sexy, despite, or maybe because of the increased coverage. Seriously, if you've ever watched The Tudors and all the intense banging that went on on that show with women wearing white cotton chemises sensually falling off their shoulders, you know what I'm talking about. Or you can just look at these photos! The colors and the setting kind of make them look like a 90's Playboy shoot, but don't be afraid, these are all blog appropriate.


  1. This is the greatest! You truly are dressed up like a lady in this post, a medieval sex-kitten lady! hahaha oh my gosh I want to hang out with you guys.

    1. Oh geeze, Rachel, thanks! I know you and I would make great friends! I'm really glad we at least get to be internet pals. :)


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