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Aug 18, 2014

Only You Can See Me

Today is my and MC's two-year wedding anniversary. These photos from our honeymoon feel like they were taken yesterday.

Two years ago today, I married the sweet and giving, fiery and passionate, genius and creative number one baddest mother fucker on the planet.

Two years on, I can tell you that MC's never ending quest to be a better musician still blows my mind, and he only makes me feel more and more delighted and inspired and lucky as fuck to be his musical partner. His selfless, nurturing spirit only makes me feel more safe and beloved. His passion and heat only make me feel more desired. His endless ideas and extrapolations only make me feel more matched, challenged, and fascinated. His ability and devotion as a father only make me feel more joy as we parent Gbear. I'm still as obsessed with him as ever, and part of the reason for that is, just like I mentioned in our wedding vows, MC's guileless, automatic commitment to his own self improvement, a mission he pursues constantly as a matter of his own nature. He doesn't even think about it, it's just how he is.

And all of this only makes me feel more motivated and inspired to be a better person. This isn't just romantic bullshit; MC is pure. He's one of those rare people who's good without trying to be good, cool without trying to be cool. He's honest in all ways at all times. He's so smart, so cultured, but there's nothing about him that's even capable of being Machiavellian or opportunistic and it never occurs to him to lie, even when it would make his life easier. Fuck, he's just such a great person and even as he makes me feel truly seen and appreciated for the traits and abilities I value about myself, he also really, really makes me want to be a better person. In all ways, the single best word for how MC makes me feel is "inspired." Anyway, that's how I feel, two years into marriage.

Oh, and that stuff you hear about people never having as much sex after they get married is still BULLSHIT.


  1. It's so rare to find this kind of love <3 You two are so amazing! Alle the best, you deserve it :)

  2. Cute photos! Happy anniversary!

    xo T.

  3. Congrats sweetie! You look lovely and in love. (we also got married in August 2 years ago), I can relate to what you wrote, I feel complete, I feel like I am a better person since we met.


    1. That's wonderful, Rona! Congratulations to you as well. :)


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