dressed up like a lady: Blondie Birthday

Sep 30, 2014

Blondie Birthday

My sis in law, mominlaw, and aunt in law (?) gave me this crazy perfect maxi dress for my birthday last week. It's pretty insane that the family I married into have my taste so nailed down! I couldn't be luckier.

Sis Alessandra noted (quite correctly) that it totally looks like something Debbie Harry would wear, and specifically requested that MC and I recreate this photo! 

We probably shouldn't have tried to recreate it in HARD sunlight but oh well.

This gorgeous gold tone buckle bracelet is a Christmas gift from Alessandra as well. Amazing, right? I always wanted a sister. :)

Chevron Maxi Dress: Birthday gift
Boots: Park Lane
Hat: Asos
Sunglasses Vintage via Giant Vintage
Earrings: Nastygal
Rings: Grandma
Bracelet: Xmas gift from Alessandra

Unabashed selfie via Instagram


  1. Man, I need to update my blog! And my ad is expiring today... Yikes! Glad you love the dress. The bracelet is from Denise Brain on Etsy - Maggie Wilds' fabulous vintage clothing store. https://www.etsy.com/shop/denisebrain

  2. What a beautiful dress and hat!

  3. The dress looks amazing on you, darling!
    Happy belated birthday!


  4. Happy belated birthday dear!!!

    Your body is amazing in this dress - wow! Beautiful


  5. What a beautiful maxi. And fun blog. Happy Birthday, btw.


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