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Sep 4, 2014

The Collars Love: Abhair

As a blogger, I get some random offers for products to review. Some are definitely not a great fit for a style blog, like medical supplies and air fresheners. Some are totally awesome, like this bonkers high-temperature resistant fiber wig from ABhair.

Abhair sells all kinds of wigs and weaves and extensions and stuff, but I have to say, offering me a selection from their hi-temp line was a good idea because they're all crazy, colorful instant anime hair and I was delighted from the word go. And just FYI, they didn't even ask me to link this specific product line, I just want you to see how fucking cool it is.

Temperature resistant means you can heat style this wig, even though it's synthetic. Crazy right? I straight up LOVE this crazy wig. If you want one too, scroll to the bottom and I'll give you a discount code.

Here's what I have to say as a reviewer: I love it. That should be obvious, since the prospect of instantaneous day-glow blue, pink, and purple mermaid hair was enough to make me happy to stick on full coverage pasties and do this Blue Lagoon On Acid photoshoot in our jungle back yard. 

Who could resist being able to indulge in the fantasy of looking like a living cartoon or fantasy character or just completely different from how you look every day? And the beauty of this wig is that while it's clearly not real hair, it's also much better quality than your average costume wig, which I tried to get across with some of these close ups. It's that perfect middle ground: It's not a $400 lifestyle choice made of real human hair, but it's also not some shit from Halloween USA, which makes it much easier to justify buying something kind of ridiculous. Most of these wigs are like $40 tops, so they can be a fun and insane impulse buy. If you're stylishly adventurous, into costumes, style models for fashion photography, or are into cosplay, go hit up Abhair

Use the discount code Cammila15 for 15% off sitewide. :)

Addendum: What fantastical character does this wig best fit, anyway?

As soon as I put it on, Gbear asserted that I looked like "Princess Celestia." 

We talked about it for like five minutes before I realized Celestia is a pony. Meanwhile, with no connection, my co-worker Conal called this wig a dead ringer for Twilight Sparkle. I think they're both dead on.

Additionally, our buddy Cav suggested Rainbow, superheroine of the 80's indie comic DNAgents:

Totally awesome. Excuse us, we need to go raid Ebay for back copies of this.

Addendum to the addendum: MC already made this connection, apparently. He just gave me a bunch of old issues of DNAgents as an early birthday present, which he already ordered like a week ago. Synchronicity!


  1. Absolutely amazing, darling!
    Looks fabulous on you!


  2. That is one seriously awesome wig!!! You know, and I almost have to laugh to myself about this sometimes, I'm one of the few fashion bloggers, especially in the vintage scene, that wear wigs full time due to medical hair loss, and yet (and I have blogged about said topics before) I've never had a wig company approach me. Clothing, jewelry, shoes, decor, and oodles of other things (no, I don't want an offshore online gambling account, thank you very much!), but no wigs. I wonder if it's because I'm in Canada? Some companies in general prefer to stick with US or UK bloggers or maybe none of the wig companies out there have come across my blog yet. In due time, I like to think.

    Anyhoo, enough about wig wearing me. I love these colours on you! The sweet, sassy palette is romantic and fabulously mermaid worthy, while also looking sensational with your hair and eye tones. Love it to bits!

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you for the glowingly lovely comment on today's outfit post. In all the years I've been blogging and sharing snaps of myself, I do believe you're the first person to every notice, or at least comment on if they noticed, my row of wee little diamond studs. I almost never change them, as diamonds (and these aren't the real deal, just lovely glass versions) go with everything under the sun and are about as vintage appropriate as multiple piercings (all gotten during my teen years) can be.

    1. I totally thought of you though this whole process! Indeed, you're the only blogger I know who wears wigs on a regular basis, it's surprising you've never heard a peep from such a niche industry! Though the ones you wear look totally real -- I was totally amazed the first time I read you actually discuss the topic on your blog, because otherwise I'd never have known. :)

  3. You do look like princess celestia :) Gorgeous photoshoot btw xxx
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    Message me on insta -- insta@mlleepaulettegirl.com

  4. How is it possible that you look this gorgeous in multi-color hair!?!? It's fierce! First thought that came to mind - she looks like a beautiful mermaid!



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