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Nov 17, 2014

About your gold chain

It snowed last night, so I guess winter's officially here in Michigan. I always think I'm going to be bummed when the weather turns this cold, but then the first whiff of the new season ends up triggering sweet sense memories about MC and Gbear, and it just feels sort of magic. I don't know why I always forget that will happen.

Anyway, here's a random pic I just found  from a very warm September day that I guess never got posted. MC gave me the short chain with the little filigree decoration for my birthday, it's from the 1920's. While he was looking for it on Etsy, Gbear saw a listing for the Mom necklace and asked MC to buy it for me as my birthday gift from her. I straight-up cried when I unwrapped the little boxes they were in. My two rock stars are so incredible, and they have really good taste. Anyway, I found the longest necklace with the leaf pendant at a rummage sale. That one and the Mom necklace are both 1980's Avon.


  1. Happy snow day! It's currently snowing in Kentucky. I hate the cold, but the snow covered lawns and trees are so nice to look at. I love these necklaces, btw. Very pretty!
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

    1. My brother lives down South, and there is definitely something more magical/terrifying about snow down there. ;)

  2. No snow here. Although the weather forecast show possibility for snow next week, I still walk around with no caps and no gloves..I actually kind of miss colder days, just to have an opportunity to wear winter clothes.
    I like the necklaces, and the story behind them :)

    1. Thanks, Zuba! I hope you get quite a few more temperate days before winter takes hold. :)


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