dressed up like a lady: Happy Halloween from Marceline, The Captain, and Snake Plissken

Nov 3, 2014

Happy Halloween from Marceline, The Captain, and Snake Plissken

For Halloween this year, Gbear wanted to dress up as Marceline from Adventure Time. We were delighted!

The only challenge was that Marceline plays a bass guitar fashioned out of a giant, red ax and they don't make toy versions anymore. So we just dove in and made it ourselves using one of the many, many tutorials out there.  MC went to the craft store and found all sorts of useful items we could use as the nuts and screws and the strap pins. I carved the body and neck out of foam, and Gbear helped me sand some of it to make it three dimensional. She also did what she does whenever I have a project to do, just generally keeping me company with lots of chit chat, and lots of sweet gratitude and joy, since that's just the kind of kid she is. We sealed it with a few layers of Modpodge, painted it, attached the strings, attached the "hardware," and then I took it out back and coated it in Krylon. 

It took four or five work sessions total, but it was cool to see Gbear learning and appreciating how a long term project like that comes together. And she REALLY LOVED IT!

For trick or treating, MC dressed in his favorite go-to costume, an old timey sea captain. In this case, one who knows how to rock.

I dressed as one of my long standing personal action hero avatars, Snake Plissken, Kurt Russell's character from the 1981 classic, Escape from New York.

Obviously, Gbear is too young to know much of anything about Escape from New York, but she had no trouble digesting the idea that Snake is an "action hero." Anyway, Trick or treating was FREEZING but fun!

We retired afterward to watch the Garfield Halloween Special and The Worst Witch. It was a lovely evening. What did you do for Halloween?


  1. wow you all look great. Such a happy family. amazing

    1. Thanks for saying so, Marina! It was a lot of fun. :)

  2. Very cute Halloween looks! Looks like a lot of fun!

    xx Cissy

  3. I'm guessing you don't give a f*ck about my war....or my president?

  4. haha! I love the picture of GBear with the other kids at school, just obviously she's the coolest!

  5. Seriously awesome! You guys "rock"!! :) Haha... corny joke, but true ;)



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