dressed up like a lady: Just Married! (2.25 years ago...)

Nov 26, 2014

Just Married! (2.25 years ago...)

I've been trying to find all the photos hiding in nooks and crannies around my work computer before my job ends here in a month. While I was looking today, I found these pictures MC took of me after we got home from our wedding reception in August of 2012!

The house was totally unfinished and it had been a wild day, but I can still feel the giddiness and excitement I had abut spending the rest of my life with MC. What's truly bonkers is that I still have it, like every day of my life. True love is the shit.

I also found this picture:

I took this at the bank counter when we deposited our treasured wedding gifts before zipping out of town for our honeymoon. Those bills and checks are tucked into the '70s Harlequine Romance Novel we based the design for our wedding invitation on. :)

And last but not least: these pictures of Chi, giving himself a hardcore mani-pedi in our honeymoon cabin. Man, he's really digging in there.


  1. That sounds amazing! Keep up the glitter. Wish you all the best for the next 2.25 years ;-))

    ♘ www.sugarpopfashion.com ♘

  2. you look(ed) beautiful. I've already followed your blog back then, and remember the wedding :)
    but your cat...every time acts like a star in front of the camera :)

  3. Hey Cammila, It's me again xD

    My feisty friend is bit eager and inpatient of your response on Facebook. You remember when i told you about the Other Folder Inbox section,right?



  4. Lol I love it! "True love is the shit." So true :)


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