dressed up like a lady: The Collars Love: Datevitation GIVEAWAY!

Dec 1, 2014

The Collars Love: Datevitation GIVEAWAY!

Want a gift that'll blow your loved one's mind? Scroll down and enter this giveaway!

You know the old practice of giving someone you love a book of coupons redeemable for things like "1 Backrub" or  "1 Trip to your favorite shop"? It's a classic move: It shows that you've been listening, and it finds a way to give an activity as a gift.

But it's a double edged sword. If you're not artistically inclined or your life is super busy at the moment, you can end up looking like a Vince Vaughan character. 

NEVER FEAR. You can give your loved one all the personalized thoughtfulness of a date coupon book without worrying it will look jank with Datevitation! They let you customize your date coupon book to look classy/adorable and then they print and ship it to you! 

They knew that MC and I are sappy mofos, so they offered us the chance to give away one complete, customized coupon book, designed by you and delivered to your door for free. Scroll to the bottom to enter! Your mom/husband/girlfriend/BFF/whoever will be so glad you did.  

A few examples of Datevitation's 500+ adorable date ideas.

They also let me design and print one so I could personally show you how awesome it is. So I made one for MC. Wanna see?

For the record, you can't really dance to hardbop but whatever.

If you want, you can upload photos to personalize the illustrations and top them with silly cartoon hairstyles. I could not resist giving MC and I both Bea Arthur hair. But if you don't feel like it, you can just use Datevitation's pre-existing smiley faces, which are crazy cute. You can still customize the text of each date description.

As you can see, their zillion date options run the gamut from romantic gestures to recreational sports to doing someone's chores for them. If you click a thing that certifies you're an adult, you can even chose sexytime type dates (and I'm all for that). But these books aren't just for couples. You can customize them for any kind of relationship by clicking your and your recipient's gender/age and whether it's romantic/non-romantic. The website customizes the dates and images for you.

Dates can be customized for recipients and couples of all stripes.

MC knew that Datevitation had approached us with this offer, but he still BEAMED as he looked through his book. Partly because that Bea Arthur hair idea was freaking hilarious, but mostly because of the principle that makes the date coupon book a great idea in the first place: it makes us happy to see that someone we love is paying attention. 

Does your girlfriend often wish you'd put down your phone? There's a coupon for a "no phones" date. Does your BFF seem frazzled? There's a coupon for a spa day. Does your husband fearlessly and relentlessly sift the cat litter without ever being asked (ahem)? There's a coupon that says you'll do it for him. When you pick these coupons with care, it shows you've been paying attention to the things your loved one says and does, and even better, that you appreciate them.

Okay so enter this giveaway! 

It's a Rafflecopter drawing so you know the drill. You can earn approximately a ZILLION chances to win by following us on various social media. 

Also: Use the promo code LIKEALADY for $10 off AND free shipping.  That would get your book for $15 total, including shipping, at a 54% discount, if you got a five-coupon book like mine.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner is chosen on Friday. Open to US residents only. Good luck!


  1. Love this! The coupon-book idea has proven to be such a winner [for me] if you bust it out every couple of years or so and don't overuse it. Although with the funny pictures, this could become a regular thing... :)

  2. I love this! I have always wanted to give a coupon book but I'm not that crafty that way

  3. Great give away. I hope I win, and that they ship to Denmark :)


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