dressed up like a lady: Lumpy Space Barbie

Mar 13, 2015

Lumpy Space Barbie

For Christmas, Gbear asked for an "Adventure Time Barbie." By now, Gbear knows and expects that if she asks for a Barbie not made by Mattel, there's a good chance I'll make it for her. At this point, it's part of the fun.

Her favorite Adventure Time character, as has long been established, is Marceline. However, Gbear was already asking for some Marceline stuff (and spoiler alert, she was totally getting it....)

So because her request didn't specify, I took the initiative and made her a Barbie based on my own long established favorite character, Lumpy Space Princess.

Just like with the Hawkgirl Barbie I made her last year, this task took almost no actual crafting, I just found a Barbie with purple hair on Ebay for $4 (apparently, this is a Jam'n'Glam Barbie from 2001) and sourced the parts to her outfit from Ebay and Etsy. The purple trimmed silver pants came with the doll, the star on her head is a plastic diaper snap, and the amazing LSP sweater was made by Etsy seller mimundoblythe, whose selection is enormous.

MC found this beat up magenta Barbie Corvette on Etsy going for close to nothing and was inspired to buy it so LSP Barbie could have a sweet ride. The Lumpy Space Princess designs are all just stuff I found on the internet, printed out, and decopaged on there. 

Just a color printer and a jar of Modpodge, you guys. That's all it takes.

Gbear was actually more excited to open this gift than I thought she'd be! I tried and failed to get a surreptitious video of her doing LSP's voice while she played with her. There's something kind of delightful about a seven year old girl doing the voice of a valley girl alien whose actual voice is provided by an adult man. 


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  2. I love when you share these, they are so awesome and this one is no different!

  3. You're such a creative person! I love how Barbie looks like though your eyes :)

    1. Thank you, Zuba, that's so sweet of you. :)


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