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Apr 3, 2015


Sorry I've been so busy, guys. This week was crazy. I got handed a massive pile of assignments from a freelance client the same week I had to write my grandma's obituary, stock up an Easter basket for Gbear, photograph a promotional item for the blog (it'll be posted with a giveaway next week!), get my new glasses adjusted, open a new bank account, do my taxes (I don't trust anybody else to do them), and finish painting our kitchen so that we can have a little memorial for my grandmother here. I'm sure my family wouldn't mind the house being in such a state of chaos (it will be anyway--we've been trashing the floor in the process since we're replacing it anyway, but I'm sure we won't have redone it in time), but oh well. I've had my beloved sis-in-law helping us with colors and details that otherwise would have driven us insane. It's nice being able to call on the insight of a professional. 

Also, though my dear grandma lived a very long life, I've still sometimes been overcome with nostalgia for my time with her. That's mostly a good feeling, but it definitely doesn't make life any less complicated. Anyway, we went bonkers with Gbear's Easter basket (that's what happens when your kid doesn't ask for a random plastic bobble every time you pass the toy aisle of the drug store: epic gifts on a minor holiday), and my wonderful mother-in-law is in town, so I feel pretty great. It helps to thrive on chaos. Have a great weekend!


  1. So sorry for your loss :(
    Love this pic!


  2. I'm sorry for your loss, Cammila. 101 is an amazing age to live to. Most of us won't make it. Your grandma sounds like an exceptional woman.

  3. Your picture reminds me so much of Lionel. And I do love me some Lionel. Im sorry about the loss of your grandma. Im closer to my grandma than any other family member & I know Ill be heartbroken when she passes, so I make the most out of each visit I have with her. Happy Easter pretty lady.


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