dressed up like a lady: In which I re-enact my MyIdol's Dance

Apr 30, 2015

In which I re-enact my MyIdol's Dance

I'm sure you are already deeply familiar with these MyIdol avatar animations (not to be confused with Midol avatar animations, which I'm sure would be amazing). You probably think they represent the lowest declination into the uncanny valley yet reached by human technology. But you are wrong, my friend.

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They had my haircut, but only in black.

What's way creepier is me imitating my avatar imitating me. The snake is eating its tail, ahhhh!!!!

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For real though, this is definitely an outfit I own. Way to see into my soul, MyIdol.

Jeans: MC's
Crop top: thrift store find. related to some local orchestra somewhere
White belt: A Ragstock in Madison, WI
Shoes: Asos


  1. I love that your boyfriend jeans are actually your boyfriend's (husband's*) jeans. I much prefer to snag jeans out of a guy's closet than pay for 'boyfriend' jeans for women!

    Also: lol @ the dance :)

  2. you are definitely very talented dancer :)))

    fashion blog http://www.sheistheone.ch/

  3. Gorgeous top sweetie~


  4. you just made me laugh so hard! love the outfit :) specially the boyfriend jeans and... super jelous of your fit abdomen!
    Thanks for sharing :)



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