dressed up like a lady: Tuesday Night Jazz

May 21, 2015

Tuesday Night Jazz

Spring in Michigan is a bipolar oscillation between some days hot enough to lounge around in your swimsuit and others chilly enough to require a vintage shearling coat.

Tapestry print dress: Asos
'70s shearling coat: Vintage from Etsy via gift from my parents-in-law
Magenta platform maryjanes: Asos
Necklaces: Leaf is thrifted, Mom pendant was a gift from gbear and MC
Rings: My grandmother's

MC and I headed out on a Tuesday to hear some great jazz. MC even sat in for a few songs with his trumpet and we got to make conversation with a lot of great and extremely talented folks. Of course, we didn't think to snap a few outfit pics until after we got home, so these were captured by the awkward yellow glow of lamplight.

And here's a shot of MC looking fine as hell while I tell him I'm just helping set the camera levels: 

I just finished a massively time consuming freelance project, which means I'll have more time for some creative endeavors. That includes a lot of singing and a lot of writing, and probably finishing our kitchen floor. But don't worry, it also includes blogging. ;)


  1. oh, your're back! :)
    I like the coat and the shoes and your hair has grown!
    We also have summer one day and a cold autumn the next. not fun.


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