dressed up like a lady: Happy Birthday, Gbear!

Jun 3, 2015

Happy Birthday, Gbear!

Gbear turned eight, and that means it was time for a party! Here are some highlights from the extravaganza. The complete set is over at our little family blog.

Gbear was so happy to have her gram there! I love how tiny my mom looks next to me in photos. Though her body is the only thing small about her.

This cake was not originally meant to match my Lumpy Space Princess themed outfit -- I wasn't the one having a birthday! Gbear asked for her frosting to be blue and purple, but unfortunately, I messed up the first batch and didn't have enough blue to make it anything but purple on the second. For her own part, Gbear didn't mind at all. She just wanted cake.

"When does the cake get here?..."

Best picture of me ever taken.

Ridiculous LSP casual cosplay themed outfit:
Tutu skirt: Glamorous via Nastygal
Shoes: Shellys London via Nastygal
LSP tank: Ebay
Gold star: Ordered a cheap yellow star barrette that didn't come in time so I put on some star head boppers

The forecast had called for rain, so we set up some indoor activities, like the inflatable light sabers pictured above, and this last-minute photo booth.

But then the sun came out, so we barely used it! It was water-fight weather!

Me attempting to flee the shot until MC called me back...

Apparently, someone lost a lock of hair on the door and wasn't too concerned about it. That's what I call a party!


  1. Looks like it was a blast! My mom made me a purple cake for my 8th birthday and I will never forget it. Purple was my favorite color, she even tinted the cake and dyed coconut shavings (LOVED coconut then and still now) and sprinkled them on top. Everyone had stained lips and gums from it but I felt so much love seeing the effort in the cake and party, I know GBear also felt your love at this party <3

    1. This story makes me smile from ear to ear. I can absolutely picture the whole, wonderful scene in my mind. :)


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