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Jul 23, 2015

Feminasty As I Wanna Be

 Shorts: Nastygal
Shoes: 1st pair Asos, 2nd pair Steve Madden
Sunglasses: Giant Vintage
Bracelets; Various
Feminasty shirt: Auroralady

My friend Aurora designed this shirt. Do you know Aurora? Maybe you know her as Aurora Lady. She's a California based artist, stylist, and shit kicking fun and crazy feminist badass.

I bought this Feminasty shirt from her shop because Jesus, what a perfect sentiment. Feminism is the simple notion that women should have the same rights, opportunities, and freedoms as men. It's not anti-sex. It's not anti-silliness. It's not anti-hearts-and-flowers-and-pink. Look, I'm not putting words in anybody else's mouth, but to me, true feminism means I can be everything. I can be hard and calculated and powerful. I can be hairy and loud and unapologetically in charge. And I can also be demure, flirtatious, beautiful. I can enjoy being desired. I can be outrageous, I can be sexual, I can be glamorous, I can be downright freaky and nasty if I want. You starting to freak out? Well, get this -- I can even enjoy being the subject of the male gaze, motherfuckers. I should be able to do all of it because NONE OF IT NEGATES MY INTELLIGENCE OR MY DIGNITY.

What the fuck kind of backwards, narrow-minded, Puritanical culture do we live in where this even needs to be stated out loud? Are there really people out there who believe if a woman likes being hot, that means it's okay for you to think there is NOTHING else about her that's worthy of note? ASININE. Are there seriously folks who need it explained to them that a woman can be happy that you find her desirable, but that still doesn't mean you automatically get to have sex with her? FUCKING LUDICROUS. But of course there are those people out there, there are countless hordes of them, screaming loudly. They're screaming louder by the minute because they know the sun is setting on their dumbass reductionist world. Goodnight, assholes. History is already wincing and shaking its head about you existing.  

So hey, let's try employing more than a toddler's level of black and white thinking. Here's an example: I don't think young girls should be taught by the commercial media to see themselves as sexual objects before they've had the chance to develop their own healthy adult sexualities. That doesn't mean I think a fully grown woman doesn't have the God given right to revel in her own sexuality without shame. Starting to see the light? Okay, try out this intellectual exercise: The fact that women have historically been dehumanized and sexually objectified doesn't mean that for the rest of time, being a sexual object automatically means being dehumanized. It means society needs to grow the fuck up. There is no reason for these two conceits to be inherently, causally connected. The idea that a woman has to pay for the privilege of you liking the way she looks by sacrificing her respect and safety is just straight up, old school boneheaded, and kids walking the halls of today's elementary schools will hear it the way we heard about 15th century doctors drilling holes in people's heads to let the demons out. How about it's just wrong to dehumanize people? How about making a dude pop a boner cedes ZERO GROUND to the patriarchy? Because when jerks try to use that as a reason to treat a woman with less dignity and respect, that's them being shitheads. 

So yeah, when I wear this shirt, that's what I think of. Society evolving into an entity that doesn't tolerate shithead behavior right before our eyes, moving too slippery and fast even for the corporate and political powerbrokers to stop it. Thanks, Aurora.


  1. GOODNIGHT, ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I have a great "This is what a Feminist" looks like shirt. I think I'll blog about it and link to your post.

    As usually, you're look is on point or on fleek or whatever it is the kids say these days.


    1. YES! I need to get me a t-shirt like that. We can be twinsies from several states away. Also, I am SO HAPPY you're blogging again. :)

  3. Do you wear bright lipstick very often? Your shoes made me think of the new lipstick I just bought to match my hair (yes, I'm weird). Anyways, the best part of the lipstick is that I got it for $1 at Dollar General. It is called "Hot Pink" and it is by L.A. Colors... which doesn't do animal testing, by the way ;). I think the shade would look amazing on you!

    1. I did NOT know that L.A. Colors didn't do animal testing! It's funny and awesome that you mention, because I JUST bought a handful of bright lipsticks from NYX and Jourdana (also cruelty free) and I've been gearing up to try them. You're so freaking sweet to think of me -- I'll hunt down that color and post a shot of it to see if you're right! :)

  4. You look great in those shorts and T shirt. But you always look great and I get the feeling I'm writing the same sentence here every time I comment :)
    I don't know if there is some "hidden" reason for this post, or you simply wanted to verbalize your attitude. Somehow, it made me sad, because I hope(d) the grass is greener there (where you live), but I see the same problems are occurring in Europe and in USA.
    Things are changing, for better, but these are small steps, and so much work to be done.

    1. Thanks, Zuba. Sadly, there is no single incident inspiring this post. As you allude to, these are simply ongoing issues that remain relevant all over the world. I agree though, in small steps, it gets better every day.

  5. Bonitas fotos.

    Isabel Sá


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