dressed up like a lady: '70s Summer

Aug 6, 2015

'70s Summer

Cropped halter top: Asos
High waisted shorts: Victoria's Secret
Heels: Vintage via Etsy
Shell necklace: Present from my mom long ago
Bag: Vintage via The Getup

It's been hot as a bastard here and I freaking love it. It's perfect weather for '70s inspired shorts and wooden heeled sandals. In fact, with my hair growing into a Toni Tennille bowl, I realized that I looked sort of like the badass chick from this '70s editorial photo. Minus the cigarette and the motorbike.

I tried to make up for it with the occasional use of a Pez dispenser as a prop here, which I found in my purse. Full disclosure: I didn't actually eat any of the Pez. Once you stop eating candy, you lose your desensitization to its toxic properties and it just straight up smells like glucose shock and digestible plastic. I ate the shit out of some Pez back in high school though. I was all about the day-to-day prop comedy of offering my classmates quirky candy. 

See? I'm actually less annoying now. Hard to believe, I know.


  1. That upside down photo had me giggling, and the part about the Pez dispenser.

    Any chance you follow GabiFresh? She just posted some photos of ASOS Curve's fall line and I couldn't help but think if the fall line in smaller sizes look anything like it, you will love it.

  2. Amazing pics and look, darling! I'm having a 70s moment too right now.


    PS thanks for your ever thoughtful comments on my blog :)

  3. Haha, I always love your shoots. So much fun and I love the pez!

    Corinne x

  4. You're my favorite! The playfulness of your poses and outfits are delightful. This ensemble reminds me so powerfully of my youth -- the Seventies were when I grew up (as a teenager) and you capture the look perfectly.

  5. You look amazing, the 70s inspired look is so perfect and also are the poses and the color of the pics...wonderful and inspiring. Well done ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion blog

  6. amazing post ang blog! :)


  7. love love love the bright fun pics. Especially the waist shot with the popsicle and the one of you lying down your staircase. Oh my PEZ! I completely forgot about those things, and probably haven't had them since a child. Clearly I'm no fun anymore as all my candy choices are all natural, organic, non-gmo bla bla bla/no more fun/but still tastes good kinda thangs.

  8. Wow! You look absolutely fantastic!! I love this look from head to toe.

    ♘ www.sugarpopfashion.com ♘

  9. Amazing pics! You are beautiful! kiss 👄


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