dressed up like a lady: Belle Ghoul at Small's

Sep 16, 2015

Belle Ghoul at Small's

MC played trumpet with the dance rock/indie pop rumpus known as Belle Ghoul last Friday, Sept. 11th, a band comprised of some of the most delightful fucking musicians we've ever met. I brought my camera, but realized during the drive there that the batteries in my speedlight were dead. This meant relying on slow shutterspeeds or my on-board flash, both of which sort of made the pictures look a little bit fucked--but in a super cool, rock and roll sort of way.

Right at the end, MC turned the camera on me. You'd think from this photo that I'd had to do something a lot more strenuous than taking photos at a great show!


  1. You look so good! And you had the best outfit there ;)

  2. Wonderful party! Great pics!

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